Sneak Peek

Ok… so a very “good friend” of mine sent me a photo of the new rollar coaster being built at Universal Studios… Looks pretty bitchin to me… Thank God Studios is actually adding an outdoor coaster; it’s much needed. Not sure when it is supposed to be completed, but I can’t wait to ride it!


Ahh, so today concluded my last day EVER as a student attending undergraduate classes at UCF. Mind you, I still have finals (booooo!) but as for now I’m quasi-done. Well in my four years here at UCF, I have been out on many-a-date, encountered many-a-fellow, and observed many-a-males and am now here to categorize each… Read More

Bum Bum Ba nahhh Sanford… without the son

In some majors you may study chemicals. You may study human interaction. You may study books… but as a Journalism major we rarely do anything like that. No, the professors here at UCF like to plunge us in the areas of the unknown looking for news stories full of people who really don’t want to… Read More

Lookie what I found!!!

While purusing through some old Facebook friends’ pictures, I found someone wearing one of the original Jessica Saggio INC. shirts!!! Check it out: Thank you Mr. Sandy Vanderbleek for your longstanding support of Jessica Saggio INC.!!!! bahahahahahahaha.


If you look to the left of this page, you’ll see I’ve added a poll. The polls will periodically change, but please give me your input! Some of the polls will drive later posts, some won’t. It takes two seconds and I want to hear what you think!!! Ps: I apologize for spelling Lilly PuliTZer… Read More

My New Hero.

In this day and age, it just doesn’t seem like infomercials are quite up to par the way they used to be in the days of Family Auto Mart and before the Appliance Direct guy hired that incredibly annoying and poorly dressed woman as a spokesperson. When I reflect back on my childhood, I picture… Read More

Losing Control

Living in this finite world, so often our strength will be tested. Unfortunately, as much as we all feel invincible, there will always come a time where reality sheds light on just how finite we really are. Whether it’s through sickness, tragedy, betrayal, or maybe just even disappointment, we all will be brought to terms… Read More

What is with all the mall cop movies?

Dear Hollywood, Could you please, PLEASE, PLEAAAASSSSEEEE stop making movies about Mall Cops. Please. No really, please. While I, as a young woman, thoroughly enjoy my time spent at the mall, I see no need to make not just one but TWO movies in the same year about a breed of security guard that seems… Read More