Marry me Dwight

Just a few reasons why Dwight Howard is the most adorable face in basketball. Enjoy. [Video Removed] And my personal favorite.

The lie of the century

Right now I’m practically fuming. Perhaps I’ve been mislead all this time, or perhaps I’ve just been blind, but it appears to me that I could rant at pretty much anything with the capacity to listen… including the wall… which has heard plenty already. While we all grow up under the perception that it’s healthy… Read More

Cleveland Cavs meet Simpsons… any relation?

Any relation you suppose? Anderson Varejao of the Cleveland Cavaliers and I’m guessing his long lost uncle… Sideshow Bob. Whaddaya think? I say call in the Paternity test. And together they make….. So tell me what you think… Justin Guarini of American Idol Season 1

What a great time to be an Orlandonian!

As most of you know, or should know, our very own Orlando Magic have made it into the playoffs this year. Although some may criticize all the “bandwagon” fans that seem to be popping up left and I right I say THE MORE THE MERRIER! Tonight the Magic will play the Cleveland Cavaliers with their… Read More

The Waitress Rant

In this day and age “real” jobs are hard to come by, so in the meantime I have settled for taking up a new occupation I like to call food product service engineering. Also known as being a server at Cracker Barrel. Hey, it pays the bills and calls for some great interactions with the… Read More

The Dating Game

As I get older, I seem to be getting less patience for stupidity. I have gone on my fair share of dates through college and if there is anything I have become an expert on, it’s dating trends I DESPISE. So fellas of all ages… I urge you to read my 10 commandments of dating… Read More

Plain White T's…back with another addictive song

So I gotta give it to the Plain White T’s (as much as I want to just punch myself in the face everytime I hear that stupid Hey There Delilah song), this music video is so creative and it really plucks at your heart strings. Check it out…. and I swear no more videos for… Read More

America… you are insane

So as many of you know the AMAZING Adam Lambert lost in the season finale of American Idol, but I would like to take this moment to predict that Mr. Lambert will be iconic in our generation. Now Kris Allen is quite talented, but I’m not sure any contestant quite lived up the creativity and… Read More

Congratulations! Now what?

Graduation is done. The new car is bought. The bills are tight… Now where the heck is my job? Oh ha ha ha. How could I forget, there are no jobs. Silly me for thinking that busting my butt for four years to graduate on time would merit finding a job afterwards. Silly me for… Read More