Ok… so a few days ago I woke up and found myself sleeping on the floor of my closet. While this may seem like a scene from The Hangover (awesome movie btw) there was absolutely no alcohol involved. Apparently, from what I can remember, I woke up at about 6 am to the sound of… Read More

Who knew Publix could produce such a glorious masterpiece.

For those who don’t know much about my family, my “Uncle” Bob is a food scientist for Kellogg and Morning Star Farms. He is the brains behind things like the veggie chicken nuggets, hot dogs and most legendary…. the veggie burger. (Including the ones available at Burger King). Well, for his birthday, we got him… Read More

Take me home country roads…

People always say home is where the heart is, but while this may be true, is isn’t always the place our hearts wish to be. However, as soon as we get the chance to leave home, many of us, myself certainly included, will find that we often took for granted the great places we resided… Read More

Happy Thanksgiving Laker Fans!

Ok, so we’ve been debating in my living room for quite some time now whether Pau Gasol of the LA Lakers looks more like a homeless man or our favorite Thanksgiving dish. What do you think? I vote turkey.

Meet Beyonce

A few weeks ago I graduated and instead of putting all my graduation money into a nice safe, savings accounts… smarty pants me decided to purchase a new car! Yes! The economy sucks so that apparently means TIME TO SPEND 20 grand. I purchased a 2009 Scion TC from Toyota of Orlando (ya know the… Read More

The Game

In every relationship we face obstacles. Some small. Some ridiculously big, but nevertheless there are thousands of them. Millions of them. But there is an underlying obstacle in nearly every relationship that is absolutely inescapable. It’s a sort of struggle between two people that neither party is usually ever willing to admit, nor are they… Read More

So I had a little fun….

So I decided to show Flat Stan Van Gundy around my house…. I think he felt right at home. I’m sure Channel 13 News will be SO HAPPY they came up with this little contest after I enter in my Flat Stan Van Gundy photos… (That’s the oven… I mean… Sauna) And my personal favorite:

Flat Stan Van Gundy

For all of those of you who find yourself well-acquainted with silly elementary school traditions, you probably are familiar with the world-wide sensation known as “Flat Stanley.” Above is Flat Stanley in his simplest of forms. Well, if you haven’t heard of Flat Stanley, he is simply a piece of paper people (people meaning little… Read More

Move over Queeny

So I’ve been meaning to update about this for a few days now, and I apologize for the delay, but is anyone else completely disturbed about the Lebron James/ Kobe Bryant commercials? Granted, it looks RIDICULOUS at this point since the Magic stole the show there, but it really makes me think someone was really… Read More