Oh dear Lord, the Spice Girl look is back

Remember when Sketchers was actually considered a “cool” brand?No? Me either. While their sales and styles may have peaked back when I was in 7th or 8th grade, Sketcher’s have certainly lost value both in appeal and price. However, somehow they’re still around, still advertising and still sucking. Well apparently, Sketchers has launched a new… Read More

A true FML moment

Soooooo… as you can see the whole locking of the bike thing really worked out for the owner of this… uh… wheel. I had a good laugh. A true FML moment brought to you exclusively from the camera of JessicaSaggio, Inc. Enjoy.

P.D.A. = Pretty Damn Annoying

As I sit here in bed typing to you dear readers, I can’t seem to conjure anything that quite surpasses the annoyance I feel from witnessing, or dealing with, P.D.A. (public displays of affection for those of you who can’t comprehend acronyms…which in Titusville, is common.) Don’t get me wrong. I’m all about affection, but… Read More

Pointers from the Pros, day 3

So to continue the rest of this week’s Pointers from the Pros series I bring to you an old friend and peer who really set herself in motion. Stephanie is one of the few people I know who actually found a job and landed it BEFORE she graduated (last December) even in this rough economy…. Read More

Brief interruption

OK. So I decided to take a break from the “Pointers of the Pros” series ONLY to share with you all what I think is one of the best commercials I have ever seen. Is this not one of the most creative, well-done commercials out there right now? Just when I thought advertising was reaching… Read More

Pointers from the pros, day 2

To continue my week of pointers from the pros, I bring to you my next interview with an old boss of mine. Let me just say, working with this guy was a pleasure and DANG, does he know what he’s doing. Q & A with the man behind UCF’s fabulous reputation. Meet Chad Binette Title:… Read More

Looking for a job? I asked the pros for help

I’m well aware that I’m not the only recent college grad searching feverishly for a job to justify the four years I spent chasing after my degree and I’m also aware SO MANY of you are even looking for something as simple as a part time job. So in lieu of my hunt, I decided… Read More

Life in transition

18. That’s the magic number. It’s the year of your life you can start buying cigarettes and lottery tickets. It’s Louisiana, the 18th state in the union. It’s the size of an OEM Tractor’s fuel tank (thanks Google)… and I’m pretty sure it’s how many licks it takes to get to the bottom of a… Read More

A poem. Let's mix things up.

Found this poem sifting through some of my old myspace blogs. Yes. Myspace blog… I was in high school once ya know… It’s ok. I grew up and got a real blog, right? So I’m in this super weird transition from college life to the “real world.” I always put “real world” in quotes because… Read More