The first Jessica Saggio INC ad

LOL… what a terrible picture with all the glare and all… not to mention we were all 16 at the time. We were in stiff competition at the time with the “Jon Cowart Collection” … our rival brand.

WTF is a she wolf?

So I’ve asked this question before and I’m going to ask it again… WTF is a she wolf and why is it in a closet lacking oxygen? Oh Shakira… Just when I thought she finally went away for good, she comes back with a whole new fashion statement. Except this time instead of ‘oooh I’m… Read More

Oh dear Jesus

So I dare say I have found a blogger who has FOR SURE out-blogged me… not that there aren’t thousands who have already. If there is one thing you can count on in America it is that you will find a Wal-mart in nearly every moderately sized town in the country… The second thing you… Read More

Want a laugh?

Ok. A good friend sent this my way informing me I would get quite a kick out of it. After watching it 11 times in a row and laughing EVERY time I figured you all would too. Enjoy… once. twice. or 11 times…. never gets old. Beyonce would be so proud. But I’d like to… Read More

Unhappy? Join the club.

So it’s 2 am and I must say tis’ this time of night I usually get an inkling to write. I figured after the last few spitfire posts, it’s time for a little bit of a change in tempo. That being said, I’m here to offer you a little inspiration (very little…as it’s coming from… Read More

Juicy Juice's recent cutting-edge product!

It’s offical. Juicy Juice has developed a product that is going to save America. A product that will bring peace to the Middle East. A product that will enlighten the cynics. A product that will transform the nation’s douchebags into honorable, respectable people. So I thank you Juicy Juice… I cannot wait to see the… Read More

Must-See TV

OK so as a dedicated citizen of the unemployed population, I have learned to value my television viewing experiences. Ok so I’m not really unemployed, but I’m “career-less.” Regardless, I’ve compiled a list of the TV shows worth your time and a list of the ones that belong on the D-list with Kathy Griffin…. and… Read More

The Compensator

I come to you today dear readers with an open mind, but a cynical outlook. While I am a big fan of men, indeed I do love my boys, I cannot help but wonder why so many of them are constantly trying to justify themselves. For the majority of my life, a good portion of… Read More