WTF is a she wolf?

So I’ve asked this question before and I’m going to ask it again…

WTF is a she wolf and why is it in a closet lacking oxygen?

Oh Shakira… Just when I thought she finally went away for good, she comes back with a whole new fashion statement. Except this time instead of ‘oooh I’m a sexy Colombian booty-shaker,’ she has now morphed into a cut-up-leotard-wearing stripper who sings about deranged, fictional animals stuck in confined spaces. Are those dance moves… or is she going into epileptic shock?

You tell me.

1) Who designed that leotard? I think they forgot a few integral stitchings.
2) Did she really just howl?
3) Are those complete sentences she’s using, or is she just putting together her entire vocabulary of English words into various sentences.
4) Why is she in a cage? And more importantly, why are her legs above her head?
5) Is this a tribute to thriller? Those circular hand gesture dance moves are NOT ok.
6) The flesh-colored attire only provides more hilarity.

I love that there’s already a spoof… I’m hoping for SNL to take notice with their own rendition. This has the potential of being much funnier.

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