Best. Costume. Ever.

Get this– it’s totally legit. They made these out of 42-inch LCD TV’s and spent $2000. It functions off their iphones and actually works!!!!

Shhh…. the Twitter "secret"

So twitter just told me I was selected as an “exclusive” member to try their new “lists” feature. They also told me not to talk about it… well…we all know what happens when someone tells me not to do something– I immediately do it. Besides, there is a good chance that everyone got that “exclusive”… Read More

Find this and I will give you $5

I don’t know about all you guys, but it seems that every other day someone else is getting engaged and posting dozens of updates and pictures on Facebook. With that in mind, I’m just WAITING for the day I see someone propose via Facebook invite. I can see it now: You get a Facebook invite… Read More

We got the shallow end of the gene pool…

So I went home this weekend to visit with my parents and my best friend who came down from Atlanta… With that being said, while most people go out and do fun things on Saturday nights, we spent a good portion of the evening chasing after a frog that got in the house and actually… Read More

We're Hiring!

So I know that some companies get around child labor laws and can sometimes hire 14-year-olds (like Winn*Dixie*), but I always thought you had to be 18 to work at Wal-Mart…. apparently not… I’m guessing she was about six. Shame on you Wal-Mart! It’s a rough economy, but comeeee onnnn.

My Walmart Experience

So I happen to LOVE the blog If you haven’t seen it you definitely need to check it out. For years, I’ve always noticed that Wal-Marts were a breeding ground for insanity… And let me just say, Wal-Marts in Tampa are no exception. In fact, I do believe they are worse because they are… Read More

A day in the life of a fork

The life of a fork– You think you know, but you have no idea… I will admit that there is one good thing about being a waitress—you get the inside scoop on how the restaurant biz works. With that being said, I think it’s important I educate all my dear readers on some precautions you… Read More

A pivotal age

So there are certain birthdays that grant new, exciting opportunities right? Like 16… you can drive18…. you’re an “adult,” you can buy porn and smoke cigarettes. 21… you can drink25… you can rent a car But who knew age 7 was the most important of all??? God I love my apartment complex.

Listen up boys…

So I’ve pretty much had it with the American man’s lack of chivalry. I understand gender roles have changed, and I, for one, completely support this shift in culture. HOWEVER, when it comes to certain situations, I believe that good old-fashioned manners come into play and speak volumes about a person’s personal character. While chivalry… Read More