Listen up boys…

So I’ve pretty much had it with the American man’s lack of chivalry. I understand gender roles have changed, and I, for one, completely support this shift in culture. HOWEVER, when it comes to certain situations, I believe that good old-fashioned manners come into play and speak volumes about a person’s personal character.

While chivalry may be dying a slow and painful death, some of us ladies still have standards. Yes we may be able to climb the corporate ladder alongside our male counterparts, but that doesn’t mean we have abandoned any and all tradition.

Whatever happened to the days when men opened doors for women? Granted, this is still pretty common, but as time goes by, I see it happening less and less.

Get this. My first boyfriend never ONCE let me open my own car door. It seemed silly at the time, but in hindsight that left a huge impact upon my expectations for the future. He showed me class, and from then on, I yearned for it.
Oh but here comes the bomb… the thing I hate the MOST when it comes to dating…
When a guy goes dutch on a first date.

I can’t possibly think of a bigger mishap than making this move. If you’re looking to make yourself look like an inconsiderate el-cheapo, go ahead… split the check. Now, I don’t want to sound like any kind of selfish gold digger, but this isn’t about the money… it’s about the message it sends when you don’t pick up the tab. When you do that, you’re sort of sending a message that says “I don’t care enough to cover this.”

So if you have ANY interest in a girl whatsoever… use the Amex and charge the meal to your account.

I was talking to my roommate about this and we were raised in similar settings where these sort of expectations were taught. He completely agreed with me.

Oh and btw… Chelsea Handler totally agrees with me. She said in this month’s Cosmo:

“Who has money these days? So it’s understandable that a guy may need to budget, but trying to split the check on a first date is unacceptable and another example of a guy who doesn’t deserve penetration. Women should not go out with a guy who expects her to chip in on a first date or in the first six months of the relationship. This is wooing time, and men need to treat you like they’re lucky to be with you.”

But I know there is much opposition to our view… so tell me…

Would you go dutch?

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