Happy Fall Ya'll!

My roommate sent me a link to this today and I thought all my dearest readers would enjoy it just as much as I did. So here! Carve you’re very on virtual pumpkin!http://www.onlinepumpkincarving.com/ Relish in the Fally weather while you can Florida Folk!

Why men are scared of women..

So, I’m not gonna lie… This song kinda creeps me out. We all know women are crazy…but let’s just say this girl best be thankful she’s hot because she sounds a littttttle high maintenance… nah… Tell us how you REALLY feel… mystery must be her middle name. But wait… is she fighting HERSELF in that… Read More

Step 1: Insert foot into mouth

So after many many dates in my day, I have come across several conversations that have made me think twice about the existence of aliens… because I know for a FACT, I’ve had to have met a few… So in honor of America’s most conversationally challenged men and women I offer to you the Top… Read More

Newest painting

Just finished this painting for one of my fellow Kappa alums Mary Yarbrough.

He wrote me back!

So the pastor of the church I wrote into a week or so ago sent me an email today. I gotta hand it to him, I thought for sure he wouldn’t respond. However, I haven’t decided what to write him back. It wasn’t about the money, it was about the principle. Check it out: Dear… Read More

Poor man's lemonade

So I understand that water with lemon is delish. I drink it all the time. It takes the nasty out of tap water and adds a little zing of citrus… but don’t you think this is crossing the line a little? My mother ordered water with extra extra lemons at Sonny’s and this is what… Read More

Pimp my ride

So Titusville may be the home of NASA and other mediocre, dying government projects, but apparently it is also home to some of America’s most puzzling vehicles. Take for instance these two vehicles I took pictures of in the SAME parking lot at Target… it’s like this stuff is a dime a dozen. exhibit A… Read More

Finally, someone dumb enough to leave their address

So as most of you know I currently have a side job working in a restaurant. Many of us servers are very familiar with the “tracks” a.k.a. bible pamphlets many people leave us with our tips to ensure that we have “found Jesus”… because we all know if you work in the restaurant industry you’re… Read More

The debate is over

After a month of voting, 64 percent of you agreed that Shakira, in fact, should be deported. Get those gyrations out of here!!! However, for the remaining 36% of you, I wish you the best of luck in becoming a shewolf.