America's Creephearts

In America, we glorify three main things: 1) Food2) Texas3) Creepers Now the first two are obvious. But creepers? Yes. Let me elaborate. Exhibit A: Adam Lambert I’m not gonna lie… I definitely voted for Adam when he was an innocent little rockstar on American Idol. However, Mr. Lambert proved he was quite the actor… Read More

Unfriending: A Cautionary Tale

As an active member of the first generation of web junkies, I believe I speak for all young 20-somethings when I say that social networking has redefined our culture. Not only does it allow us to openly communicate with damn near everyone we know, it allows us to do more important things like stalk our… Read More


OK so I can’t tell you why… but this commercial makes me laugh each and every time I watch it. New life goal— become the VP of enough is enough.

Wow… Gene Simmons looks a lot younger…

Halloween is a glorious occasion, not because I go to wild parties or gorge myself in endless amounts of candy (lord knows I don’t need those extra calories), but because it gives me an excuse to use some of my makeup-art skillzzz. If you know me, you know I have some wacky nephews I enjoy… Read More