Sayonara 2009

As the year comes to end, I can’t help but rejoice. I don’t know about all of you, dear readers, but my 2009 seemed to come straight out of a Lifetime drama. So in honor of the worst year of my life… I give to you… A poem. 2009By Jessica J. Saggio Oh 2009, I… Read More

Etiquette. Saggio Style.

Perhaps I’m feeling a little bit blunt tonight (oh who am I kidding, I’m always blunt), or perhaps I’m just a little bit tipsy (shhhhh), but I recently read a post by a fellow blogger that kind of got on my nerves… and we all know what happens when something gets on my nerves… I… Read More

Painting complete!

Oh hey Blog, thanks for actually loading today. Finished a painting last night… I’m kind of beaming because it’s done… I love painting and all, but this one was a BEAST to do. Every time I went in my living room it practically stared me down begging me to go back to it. It was… Read More

Start em' young!

This Christmas, I decided on taking a different approach in buying my nephews presents. Instead of ransacking the toy aisles and getting just another piece of crap to get swallowed in the shuffle, I decided to make them Titusville trendsetters. It’s never too young to frat hard, so I thought… ok it’s time these boys… Read More

Happy Birfday Jesus

So I don’t about you people, but I’ve always been a Jesus fan and today happens to be the eve of his big day, no? Well my fam always has a birthday party for him every December 24, and guess who’s in charge of making the cake? If you guessed me, you are correct. So… Read More

In case you have some last minute shopping to do..

Just in case you have some last minute shopping to do, I recommend to you Cracker Barrel’s finest product: Yes. It’s bacon flavored floss… for all those times you brush your teeth, gargle with Listerine and then think.. hey.. I could go for some bacon. This is also my 100th post here at JS, Inc!… Read More

How to get a man to do whatever you want

In recent months, I have found that I have been surrounded by men far more than usual. Of course, this is mostly due to the fact I have a male roommate and another male friend who frequently visits, but nevertheless I have learned a valuable lesson. The key to getting a man to do whatever… Read More

Tis the season to be a nerd

OK… so I have NEVER been one for computer games… BUTTT… I really like cake. So I tried playing this game It’s called Cake Factory and I CANNOT for the life of me get a score past 600. It’s DRIVING ME CRAZY.