I'm a baller, shot caller…

OK… I just wanted to take a second and glorify the fact that Cracker Barrel did indeed give me a diploma for passing my Par III test (which means I get three stars on my apron. HOLD THE PHONE FOLKS!) So I thought well hey… it’s a diploma.. and it’s about as useful as a… Read More

It's the little things

Being a grown up can be rough these days, but I’m finding that it’s the little things that bring me the oddest sense of joy everyday. I may be on the brink of 23, but there is still a 12-year-old I LOVE SPARKLES side of me that I don’t think I’m ever going to grow… Read More

Welcome to Parenthood

Ok, so a friend of mine posted this on Facebook as the reasoning behind why she is not having children. I have got to say.. she makes a very valid point. I hear ya Tamara!

Keep the camping in the woods people

I wanted to take a moment today to maybe try and explain why my day was absolutely jam-packed with frustration. To begin, I would like to assert that contrary to popular belief, Cracker Barrel is not a campground… or any restaurant for that matter. No, Cracker Barrel is a dining establishment, designed to deliver you… Read More

Think Pink?

As I was shopping today at my beloved Target, I noticed my cart seemed to be illuminated with a certain shade of wonderful. Now, I have always had a thing for pink, but I had no idea I was this obsessed. But how can you not love the bright colors and general happy twinge this… Read More

Who takes the I out of I love you?

Perhaps I’m being frivolous, or perhaps I’m just being nit-picky, but I have one eetsy little thing that bugs me and I can’t decide if it’s a rational irritation. For some reason, it really urks me when people take the “I” out of “I love you” or “I miss you” or even, “I wish you… Read More

No, I will not donate to Charity.

I have to get something off my chest that has been absolutely bugging me for the last uhhh I don’t know six or seven years? You know when you go to Publix or Walgreens or something and you’re checking out, trying to buy your gallon of milk (for my cereal, duh) or your pack of… Read More

And so the game continues

I’m sitting here on the phone at 3:37 am. Sitting here listening to dead air. Absolutely sick to my stomach. Damn me and my nervous stomach. Every time something iffy in my life happens I get this nervous stomach and BAM I’m hugging the floor of the bathroom. I blame my mother for this, she… Read More

idiosyncrasies running rampant

The thing about blogging is that it’s so personal. I mean. I’m talking straight to you people without any regard for who is actually reading this, why they are reading this or what they may do with what they are reading. Well I gave my privacy up a long time ago, so I figured I’d… Read More