Bye Bye Siobhan

Almost exactly a month ago, I made my predictions for American Idol as I am an avid fan of the show (My American Idol Top Picks Post). I would like to mention, that all three of my top picks made it to the top six!!! On one hand, I’m starting to believe I have a… Read More

Check out the geniuses I work with…

Exhibit A: Note– the sign says this grill is closed and to distribute all the trays on the other side of the line (about 5 feet away from this location). Notice the stack of trays RIGHT NEXT to the sign that says not to put the trays there. Meanwhile, on the other side where the… Read More

VLOG! Toys. Toys. Toys.

**note– At the end I was GOING TO SAY, “Not gay, I don’t like to use gay with a negative connotation.” BUTTTT… it cut me off. So… screw you YouTube. I know I talk a lot but that was just RUUUUUde.** My nerdiness just continues to grow doesn’t it?

Vicious Watch Puppy

My mother prides herself on the fact she has trained our dogs to bark at the squirrels whenever they sling themselves onto her feeders for a smorgasbord of bird seed. Birds > Squirrels in her book. But today, I went outside and this is what I found: Not gonna lie. I’m actually quite impressed I… Read More

The Curse of the Ex

The funny thing about having a personal life, is that no matter which way you swing it, at some point you will end up with some degree of baggage. Granted, this isn’t always serious baggage, but it’s baggage nonetheless. Regardless, those suitcases and handbags and suit hangers we stuff back into the skeletons of our… Read More

Keep your cancer to yourself

Cough Cough Cough Cough Cough Cough “Why am I coughing?” I thought to myself the other day. Here I was lying so peacefully in a lounge chair by the pool facing Tampa bay. Yet, as a warm breeze gust through my hair it carried the suffocating scent of a nearby burning cigarette. As I slowly… Read More

Happy Belated Birthday

I can’t believe I let this day go by without even an ounce of celebration. Wow, just wow. I guess that goes to show how out of it I am these days. Anyhoo… April 16 marked Jessica Saggio, Inc’s birthday! One year ago today (… well… 5 days ago) I started Jessica Saggio, Inc. after… Read More

Simon Gives Back

Of course tonight I am watching the two-hour American Idol special Idol Gives Back… But did anyone else catch Simon “giving back” to the cameras? I DID. Nice. Can’t hide from my DVR Mr. Cowell! The middle finger is bee-lining for his nose like nobody’s business. It’s like a double doozy. It’s like saying, “F… Read More