Sex in the City 2

If you didn’t watch my Vlog, I’ll save you some time right here…Sex in the City 2 was…. “meh” First of all, I would like to preface this with the fact that I was NEVER keen on the idea of them even making a sequel to the first movie. I was COMPLETELY content with the… Read More

Trippy Turtle

Take a gander at my latest completed piece! Took a stab at my growing Comish List tonight and finished this little bugger once and for all! It all started with a little tattoo and one of my faveys from Cracker Barrel (Ms. Veronica!) Ronnie decided she wanted a JS, Inc. original, but she wanted it… Read More

Losers Weepers

Again, I apologize that I am an awkward human being… but people continually insist I keep doing these! Ps: Magic– I still love you. I do. Jessica + Magic= 4E

The untold story of the Lovebug

The REAL Story of How Lovebugs Came into ExistenceBy Jessica Saggio(sorry, no resources available) Once upon a time there was a University known as the University of Florida… It was a quaint little school, full of cockiness, jean shorts, and the occasional championship title…your typical overrated school. After creaming Florida’s beloved UCF and FSU in… Read More

Bye Bye Little Room

So this is my formal farewell to my beautiful little room overlooking Tampa Bay with a view of downtown Tampa in the distance. I absolutely ADORED this room, but alas, it is time for me to leave it for bigger, better things. However, I thought you all might enjoy a little peek into my most… Read More

Tampa business of the year? Must be Auntie Anne's…

I’ll be the first to tell you that a buttery, soft pretzel from Auntie Anne’s is the perfect snack to coincide with day full of shopping at the mall… … but apparently I’m not the only one who thinks so. Check out how far the line goes.. I couldn’t even capture it all. I took… Read More

Man vs Cracker Barrel

The other day I had a very interesting dude at one of my tables. This is what he ordered: This includes: One country boy breakfast large country ham, TEN eggs, fried apples and plain hashbrowns. Additionally, he ordered an Uncle Hershel’s country ham breakfast with two MORE eggs (scrambled with colby cheese) and hashbrown cassarole…. Read More

Wowza. What a sight.

Shuttle Atlantis lifting off from Kennedy Space Center in Titusville, Florida. My sister took this from the balcony of my grandmother’s condo. Wow. …gonna miss this.