For the two of you who probably noticed, I have been MIA for the last week! AHHHHH. Reason being is because I am currently in the luxurious state of Ohio. I know, I know… don’t anybody jump out of their seats, I’m fully aware it sounds very thrilling and all, but there is certainly nothing… Read More

Let Your Clothes Do the Talking

It’s a lie when someone says a guy doesn’t care what he wears. A lie, I tell you. And the very few guys who fit into that category of apathy… well, they’re a rare breed. While so many of us play off the male species as having no interest in shopping, or clothes, or their… Read More

L is for Levi!

Just finished a comish for my girl Hannah Levi and her family in St. Petersburg! The L, of course, is for Levi and has a modified Java-blue-like print with a sparkle top-coat background…hence the major glare on some of the photos. Not gonna lie, kinda sick of doing this print, but I love doing artwork… Read More

Daddy's Day!

It’s no secret that my dad is one great source for quality entertainment. So I’m gonna go ahead and list the 10 things that make my dad so “special.” 10) The way he sounds when he is really angry and the way he sounds when he is really happy and excited sounds exactly the same—… Read More

Quality Entertainment

So today I worked for about four hours and when I got off I bee-lined directly towards Taco Bell. Hello, the place makes me feel like a millionaire. Totally spent three bucks on a entire meal. Anyways, my mom calls me as I’m pulling out of the drive through and I say “Hey where you… Read More

Most Amazing Website Ever

I’m not gonna beat around the bush, I found the best website ever. Not only is it totally legit, it completely eliminates the need to get an MRS degree. Check it out: Yes, there is in fact a REAL dating website designed to match greedy gold diggers with rich, lonely men. Wowza. Just when… Read More

Post-College. Pre-Destiny

Graduating from college, is no joke, the most gloriously difficult thing I’ve ever gone through. Yes, I’m fully aware I said one giant oxymoron in that statement, but it is inevitably true. When you graduate, for the first time in your life you lose every ounce of structure that held together your place in this… Read More