The New Lineup for Dancing With the Stars is EPIC

I wasn’t intending on posting twice within the same two hours, but I just saw the lineup for the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars and it is EPIC. First off, you should know that I never watch Dancing with the Stars. It bores me… but I might reconsider this season because guess what… Read More

And we rock…and we ROLL

If you’ve ever been a server, you’re probably familiar with the arduous task of rolling silverware at the end of each shift. At my Cracker Barrel, we’re required to roll 100.. which generally takes a good 15 minutes or so (you also have to factor in the constant interruptions of running food, dealing with nagging… Read More

Be Thankful

While Thanksgiving may be a couple months away, it’s never too early to start counting our blessings. There isn’t much I take too serious in life, but when it comes to being thankful for the success and increase many of us have seen, I can’t help but start this blog off with complete sincerity. As… Read More

Welcome To My World

A video camera is an absolute necessity in my life these days. Everywhere I go I swear I see something worth documenting. Whether it be a mullet parade at our local Wal-Mart or the crazy dishwasher at Cracker Barrel singing “Let’s Get It On” at the top his lungs, I run into millions of opportunities… Read More

It's the Joisey Sho!!!

I LOVE Jersey shore. I do NOT love watching Jersey Shore with my mom. “Jessie. Jessie. JESSIE…. do girls really do that? Do they really sleep with guys they don’t know? Do your friends do that? I can’t believe people can just sleep with someone who doesn’t even know their name.” “Mom… you’re ruining the… Read More

Titusville Resident Contacts Mars!

So I’m driving through the hood. The hood being the middle class neighborhood my parents reside.. and I pass this in somebody’s backyard-ish: I have but three questions for the people who own this monstrosity 1) When did you first decide to contact Mars? 2) Do you get Free HBO? 3) If so, can I… Read More

And The Winner is….

After MUCH deliberation, I finally picked four of my absolute favorites! With that beings said, I seriously can’t get over how many creative entries I got! Thank you all so much for your participation! I may be holding another one of these contests as soon as I design another print, so don’t worry if you… Read More

My latest design AND contest!

This is the new print I designed this past weekend! Now… I just need to find a name for it… If you can think of a name, post your suggestion on my Facebook Fan Page!!! Whoever comes up with the best name will get a free 10 x 10 swirley poo quote painting!

The XLerator. God's gift to public restrooms.

I don’t know about all of you, but I have a particular pet peeve that begins at the potty. Ever go into a public restroom, do your business, wash your hands (I hope) and then discover that there’s no where to dry them off? UGH. I can’t think of anything more annoying then sitting there… Read More