Best Superhero EVER.

I may be 23, but I will gladly admit that I am a fan of Sesame Street on occasion. Granted, I more or less enjoy watching trash like Teen Mom on MTV, but I do have some fond childhood memories watching those crazy puppets on the boob tube. When I was little, I actually had… Read More

Car For Sale! Free Dead Guy With Purchase.

Not that I’m in the market for a new car or anything, but my sister sent me this last week as she was leaving the Wal-Mart parking lot. I can only come up with a few valid conclusions as to why this hearse is presented in such a way… either someone drives a hearse for… Read More

How To Deal With Florida’s Most Unlovable Bug

For those of us swimming through the swarms of love bugs committing suicide on our windshields, it’s not hard to see that there isn’t too much that is lovable about the love bug. This morning I drove to work down I 95 with the *titittitititit* sound of love bugs smearing their dead bodies all over my… Read More

Swamp People

Just when I thought the History Channel had become the breeding ground for snooze fests, my 12-year-old nephew introduced me to a show that certainly breaks the mold when it comes to reality television. We were sitting at dinner a few nights ago and Preston, my nephew, started talking in this real thick, cajun accent…. Read More

I’ve Taught Her So Well

If you’ve ever been… well… anywhere with me, you know that I have a little bit of a compulsion when it comes to taking pictures of things I think are funny. I’m notorious for slyly trying to capture a funny outfit I see someone wearing at Wal-Mart or snapping a shot of a bum pooping… Read More

Happy Fall Ya’ll!

Everyone has a favorite season. Some enjoy the blooming spring, others enjoy the relaxing, sunny summer, and there are always the few who prefer the crisp, cool air of winter. Yes, those seasons are all nice. They each have their own special holidays and their own special perks, but to me, autumn is my favorite… Read More

Merry Anti-Hazing Week

Tonight I sported my anti-hazing pin to work at Cracker Barrel. If anything, I figure that I get hazed far more often there than I ever would by a sorority. Just sayin. Merry Anti-Hazing Week! Here’s looking at you Pike! bahahaha. kidding. One of my best friends is a Pike and they didn’t even play… Read More

Spice It Up!

To begin this post, let me first ask you all three questions: 1) Do you ever watch the Food Network and think, “Oh man… that looks delicious.” 2) Do you ever attempt to make your own food? and… 3) Do you ever get about 1/2 way through a recipe and say, “Screw it, I’m going… Read More

On your marks… Get set… GLEE!

Today is September 21. Do any of you realize what this means??? The season premier of Glee is on tonight!!!! I must say that if you haven’t had the chance to watch this show you are truly missing out. Glee is arguably one of the best shows on television for its ability to successfully intertwine… Read More