Swamp People

Just when I thought the History Channel had become the breeding ground for snooze fests, my 12-year-old nephew introduced me to a show that certainly breaks the mold when it comes to reality television. We were sitting at dinner a few nights ago and Preston, my nephew, started talking in this real thick, cajun accent. This isn’t too out of the norm for Preston, he’s actually quite hilarious, but I had no clue why he was talking like this. He then escorted me over to their living room and began to play a show called “Swamp People” he had recorded on their DVR. Turns out, that night I was introduced to one of the most hilarious shows on cable television.

The show is all about these gator hunters who live in southern Louisiana in the bayou. My first inclination was, “woah… um… another crocodile hunter? no thanks.” But I was wrong, this was glorious. First off, about 90 percent of the cast is missing teeth. Furthermore, they have to use subtitles because their accent is so ridiculously thick you can’t understand what the heck they’re saying. We’re talking Adam Sandler as  Bobby Bouche Water Boy style….or worse. However, you should know that the show can actually get a little graphic, and if you’re an animal lover this is definitely not for you. Take into account that they straight up shoot the gators, which can actually get a little trying on your stomach sometimes.

Nevertheless, I stand behind the notion that seeing is believing, so take a look for yourself:

This first video is of “Troy” who happens to be Preston’s favorite cast member to mock.

“Ooooooooooh dis is da big wan….. ya ya ya yahhhhh Dis is da big wan!”

Oh, but I forgot to mention– not only are their accents and personalities hysterical, their attire is priceless. No, really. I can’t imagine they actually paid money for these clothes. Check out my favorite cast member Bruce. Let me tell ya how much I LOVE his look.

Seriously… I’ve never seen a man rock overalls quite that well.

Ok, so this show is a little ridiculous and yes, it can get a little gruesome sometimes. My sister and I were discussing how the killing part of the show can actually drain you after awhile, but the people make the show. Alligators aren’t really anything special to us Florida folk, I see them nearly every few days, but you can’t help but be in awe of them.

The show comes on Sunday at 10 pm Eastern time. Enjoy!

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