Pass It On…

About a month ago I was working a serving shift at Cracker Barrel and encountered a guest who really changed my mind about humanity and man’s goodwill for one another. He came in alone and sat at a two-top against the wall. He was kind, but nothing out of the ordinary. He ordered a modest… Read More

And So It Begins…

As I lie here on the couch wearing a short sleeve shirt and a mini skirt, I can’t help but love Florida in November. Yet, there is a part of me that wishes we could see the beauty of changing seasons. Nevertheless, it is now post-Thanksgiving, which means it’s time to take down all my… Read More

Too Good Not To Share

While it’s Thanksgiving (actually it’s 1 am the day AFTER Thanksgiving) and I should be making one of those cutesy little blogs about how thankful I am for every little detail of my life, I just don’t have time right now.. and here’s why: I have a story. Forgive me, I am a terrible story… Read More

I Feel Like We’re Drifting Apart

If you haven’t noticed, one thing I rarely do on this blog is blab about my every day life. Maybe it’s the journalist in me, but I just don’t think to do blogs about this little hum drum life I live. I’m sitting here looking into my vanity mirror seeing the reflection of a dirty… Read More

Remain the Right to Unfriend

Although I’ve always been an advocate against unfriending (circa this blog post), it’s come to my attention that there are, in fact, several instances where cutting your social media losses could be beneficial. Last Wednesday marked “National Unfriend Day.” I had no idea someone would actually go through the trouble of dedicating an entire day… Read More

The Sunny Side of Being Under the Weather

I’m sitting here surrounded by an ever-growing collection of Kleenex wads…. it’s like a garden of snot flowers up in here. However, as I gasp for breath in between sneezes I do realize that I am not the only one downtrodden with the evils of cold season. Facebook tells me that many of you are… Read More

10 Signs He’s “The One” — Part 2

Continuing on yesterday’s thoughts, here are the remaining five signs that your fella of choice might be “the one.” If you didn’t get a chance to see the first five, click here to reference yesterday’s post. Ok, back to business… 10 Signs He’s “The One”– PART 2 Real Advice From Real Women 6) Trust is not… Read More

10 Signs He’s “The One” — PART 1

As an avid magazine reader, I’ve come to find it’s an easy ploy for attention to slap a marriage/dating headline on the cover and generate hundreds of hopeful readers. But who is really behind those advice columns anyway? Doctors? An editorial staff? Some intern named Bruce who’s trying to prove he is a “real” journalist?… Read More