Christmas Paintings Revealed

As many of you already know, I did a plethora of paintings during the Christmas season. Unfortunately, though, I couldn’t share said paintings because they were presents, of course! I have been giving sneak peeks via Twitter, but it’s just not the same. So here are a few of my latest paintings made during the… Read More

The World’s Most Comfortable Shoe

I have discovered the world’s most comfortable, wonderful, glorious pair of shoes… and they come from a dude named Tom. Check out my new Toms Shoes. They pretty much meet all the requirements I have for an acceptable shoe: 1) They’re supportive… because as we get older, so do our feet… Sadly, I’m already learning… Read More

Daddy Does Zumba

Introducing to you all… my first original film. I may or may not have filmed this without him knowing… Sorry Dad. I’ll understand if I don’t make it into the will. If you need to know some back story… My dad bought my mom the new Zumba game for the Wii… after much coaxing, I… Read More

How Waiting Tables Can Change Your Life

Despite how much I loathe being a server some days, I have to admit that there are a plethora of redeeming qualities that spring from an otherwise blue collar profession . Granted, those redeeming qualities aren’t always *pleasant* ones, but they are educational nonetheless. Let me explain. I am 100 percent convinced that every human… Read More

A True Florida Freeze

It isn’t too often (or ever) that us Floridians see a “White Christmas,” but this past week we came pretty close! Earlier this week, Central Florida hit lows in the 20’s. Of course, all of us Florida folk bundled up like we were about to take a cruise to Antarctica. It was kind of funny… Read More

How to Hustle the Holidays: Part 2

All of us are trying to save money as we struggle in this doomed economy, which is why I’ve dedicated these posts to just that. Here’s a little insight. So far this year  I’ve spent $228 on Christmas. This includes gifts for 14 people (yes, FOURTEEN), wrapping paper, decorations, tags, candy and everything else associated… Read More

How to Hustle the Holidays: Part 1

It’s Christmas… and who doesn’t love Christmas, right? Even the Jews love Christmas. The Grinch, Ebineezer Scrooge… all the people who claim to hate Christmas really, deep down, love it.. so stop denying it and just happy up. But why is it that so many of us, especially as we grow older and acquire more… Read More