This nail polish is rad. Legit rad.

OPI came out with a new top coat crackle nail polish and my 7th grade dreams have finally come true. What you do is you apply your regular nail polish of choice, put on the OPI black shatter top coat and BA BAM you get to be a follower of my newest favorite trend. Check… Read More

Meanest Birthday Present EVER

I want to know what character¬†came up with this method of informing people that their vehicle registration was expiring… Can’t you just send me the bill and shove it? Don’t tell me Happy Birthday. Clearly, you do not bring happiness! You bring irritation, like a bad rash that is the government taking more of my… Read More

A Little Something Sweet

I thought you all needed a little something to sweet to start your week… so what if it’s Tuesday…. that totally rhymed. NEW PRINT ALERT. I call it “Something Sweet.” Oh and a special shout out to Lauren who won my contest! She suggested the name “Palm Freeze” and I instantly fell in love with… Read More

I Hate The Word “Randomness”

The delete button on my computer is about to go on strike. I have literally started this post 40-some-odd times and I give up on writing something deep or thoughtful tonight. I just give up. So in lieu of a relevant post, here are a few little ditties I have to say that do not,… Read More

Sooooo Minty…

While I may not be the hippest gal when it comes to discovering new internet obsessions, I did happen to stumble across a site that has me hooked. At my age, finance, and managing my money in general, requires an anti-depressant and a prayer. Student loans, credit card interest, car payments. Oy. My only saving… Read More

Help a Sista Out… Name My Print!

I need help people! Watch my video here and help me name my new print! The winner will get a surprise prize! Wow… surprise and prize sound a lot alike. I’m never writing those two next to each other in a sentence again.. Here is the print to name: Please post your suggestions on

Let’s Discuss Ketchup.

Today I want to talk about Ketchup. While it may be America’s most beloved condiment, I happen to have a boyfriend who is obsessed with it… Yes, a little dab’ll do ya on your frenchy fries, or a chicken nugget…but this fella, oh no.. he takes ketchup to a level where no squirt of ketchup… Read More

Looking For a Job? Work here!

So it’s a bad economy, no? Many of us are finding ourselves in a bind, perhaps looking for a job… any job. Well, look no further… Do I have the offer of a lifetime!. According to this sign, Taco Bell in Titusville is hiring managers AND upon hiring, you will apparently want to jump, run… Read More

I’m back… and with a surprise!

So I’m back. I knew from the get go that my “digital cleanse” would only last a few days. After all, I run my business through social media. Kind of hard to give up your source of income if you know what I mean… Either way, the few days I took off were incredibly¬†rejuvenating. It’s… Read More