While going through my pictures of yesterday’s launch I ran into something I just HAD to share. I randomly took a picture of a helicopter that was circling, mostly because I find helicopters cool for no apparent reason, but I noticed something when I zoomed in. HOLY COW. I can’t believe this was circling above… Read More

Godspeed Discovery

(Thanks random cowboy guy for taking my picture for me!) I was ever so fortunate today to have the honor and pleasure of media privileges at today’s final launch of the Shuttle Discovery. Not only was this a *huge* learning experience for me, it was absolutely breath taking. I must say that between the feel… Read More

Bye Bye Movie Phone Guy

For those who have ┬áhad the pleasure of getting my voicemail due to my horrible phone-answering habits, you’ve experience the wonder that is my voicemail message. I’m sad to say that it’s time for me to say goodbye to my message to make way for a new, more professional message… so I’ve made a dedication… Read More

The recipe to happiness————> CAKE BALLS!

I stand by my preconception that people who dislike cake are untrustworthy. I just don’t get it. There are hundreds of different kinds of cake… SURELY, there is one you’ll enjoy. Cheesecake. Vanilla cake. Chocolate cake. Strawberry short cake. The list goes on and on… The truth of the matter is… cake is wonderful. I… Read More

Introducing: The Hairstyle of the Week

Nothing quite pleases me more than seeing a great hair-do. Therefore, what better way to spruce this bloggity blog up then with a hairpocalypse of fashion. This weeks winner: the clerk at the gas station. As you can see Nadine or Jo or Jemima is sporting a look we rarely get to see these days…. Read More

A switch of focus…

In the world of blogging, which I envision to be this flat, overpopulated version of Africa with lots of starving writers, actors, yadda yadda, it is important to narrow your focus when it comes to your website. The best blogs are ones that seem to have an ongoing theme. If you haven’t happened to notice,… Read More

Why does Subway follow you home?

Why is it that no matter what your order or how long you stay… the smell of Subway sticks to you like you spritzed it on as perfume? ….Even my diet coke tasted like Subway after I got it home. … I just smelled my shirt from yesterday when I went in to get a… Read More

Because I love Black History Month

The truth of the matter is that writing about race absolutely scares me to death. To be quite frank, every time I think it’s ok to mention something about race I sit there and analyze it for 20 minutes playing devil’s advocate as to whether or not someone will take it the wrong way. But… Read More

Latest Art!

I must say, I have been a busy bee since the dawn of 2011! I am absolutely loving this year, and while I’m trying to design prints as much as I can, I’ve also had a hefty commission list to tackle. Here are a few of my latest paintings. This is a painting of BetXi… Read More