New Fad. New Love. To-Go Tumblers.

For years, my mother and I have had a stash of plastic cups that are designated specifically for those days we want to take a drink with us on the road. Whether it be a commute to work, a day at the beach or just a trip to the grocery store, sometimes you just want… Read More

Five things everyone should do this week

Five things everyone should do this week: 1) Give a stranger a compliment. 2) Write down something positive or inspirational on a post-it note and stick it somewhere you’ll see it regularly. 3) Spend at least 10 minutes outside and in the sun (If possible. It’s been awfully rainy here in Florida!) 4) Call your… Read More


It all started with a debate between me and my boyfriend… One day he mentioned the word “scat” in reference to feces. I said to him, “Hey that doesn’t mean poop, it’s a style of singing.” And he replied, “Yes, it does. Look it up.” So I did. And yes, while scat may qualify under… Read More

The benefits of a breakup

Of all things in life, I understand one thing to be true: change is constant. While this may ring good or bad in the eyes of the beholder, change exists no matter what we do or how hard we try to keep things solid. As my mom always sang to me, “Everything comes and goes,… Read More

Twin Paintings

After several weeks I can finally say that the “Twin Paintings” are finally complete! This was a commission for a fellow Kappa from Washington, D.C. who wanted to spruce up her walls with color. She asked for blues, purples, greens, reds, etc… which was almost the entire rainbow. To give her what she wanted, I… Read More

Launch pics I TOTALLY forgot about!

As most of you know, I covered the final mission of Space Shuttle Discovery a few weeks ago… and until the sonic booms nearly gave me a heart attack the other day, I totally had forgotten to share with you my photos. Here are a couple of shots I thought you all might enjoy. I… Read More

A few of my favorite things….

Ok. It’s been several days since I’ve posted a blog…. and that totally blows. Ya’ll know me, I’m pretty consistent with my posting, but this week has been treacherous in regards to the amount of free time on my hands. Granted, one of my biggest pet peeves is the “excuse post” (as I call it)… Read More

10 easy ways to put stress to rest

Don’t stress, don’t stress, don’t stress… girl you deserve nothing but the best. Thanks Jesse McCartney for those soulful lyrics, but your boyish charm and undistinguishable boy-band vocals are simply not enough to alleviate the dark circles under my eyes and the twitch I’m developing from endlessly twirling my hair. What is it about stress… Read More

Sky Mall: Why Shop Anywhere Else?

Ahhh. The memory of flying. Soaring high in the sky among the marshmallow clouds, sipping a diet coke and munching on Delta cookies. That’s the life right there, folks. That’s the life. But one thing’s missing here… that  one little thing that you just CAN’T help but miss while thousands of feet in the air?!?!? If you… Read More