Twin Paintings

After several weeks I can finally say that the “Twin Paintings” are finally complete! This was a commission for a fellow Kappa from Washington, D.C. who wanted to spruce up her walls with color. She asked for blues, purples, greens, reds, etc… which was almost the entire rainbow. To give her what she wanted, I separated the colors into two groups: warm and cool. However, they are connected through identical patterns and black backgrounds. Granted, the patterns aren’t 100 percent identical, but it is the same print. She has dark furniture and light walls, so the black background was made to show a contrast against the wall, but still keep the paintings connected to the room. The print inside is my first original paisley and coincidentally March’s print of the month!

This is a shot of the Twin Paintings from the second story of my house. These suckers are 36 x 36 and certainly not small!

The warm painting

A close up shot of the cool painting pattern.

Close up of the warm version of the print.