New Fad. New Love. To-Go Tumblers.

For years, my mother and I have had a stash of plastic cups that are designated specifically for those days we want to take a drink with us on the road. Whether it be a commute to work, a day at the beach or just a trip to the grocery store, sometimes you just want a little sumtin sumtin to sip on during the drive, no? Fortunately for us, a new trend has put our solo cup blues to rest with an acrylic tumbler that is designed for to-go drinks. Not to mention, it is totally reusable.. which means we won’t be killing anymore baby sea turtles with our un-biodegradable plastic garbage. Right? Right.

At first, I thought.. how stupid. My sister and I were Christmas shopping at Belk and stumbled across these way back when… but since I finally broke down and bought one, I’ve used it NON STOP. It’s my official beach buddy…the hydration of my day on hectic days…. the holder of my green tea… my new biffle when it comes to the open road.

My first to-go insulated tumbler came from Wal-Mart of all places… You just can’t beat $4.25, right? Wrong. After doing some perusing on the web I came across the CUTEST varieties of colors and styles you can purchase. Just like a beach towel or stationery might represent your personality, as should your to-go tumbler!.

Check out these cute tumblers I found online! Looks like my credit card has some exercise in its future..

This is the “Madison’s Garden” insulated tumbler by Cypress Home. 17 ounces and totally adorable… $15.11 on Amazon

This one is for all my fellow cupcake lovers! It’s called “Sweet Escape” again by Cypress Home. $7.99 on Amazon.

Love, Love LOVE these Spring Tumblers from Pier One Imports. $8.95 for the 12 oz. and $12.95 for the 24 oz.

Found these little beauts for all you monogram fans out there! I absolutely adore personalization, and you’ll always know whose is who. These particular tumblers are made by Embellish Boutique, LLC on Etsy. For $15 you can choose your colors, 3-letter monogram and embellishments.
I want! I want! I want!

For those on a budget. Here is a picture of the cup I bought at Wal-Mart for $4.24. What a deal! Keep your eye out, though! They practically fly off the shelf! They have them in blue polka dot, green polka dot, red polka dot and solid red, blue and green.

If you’re one to stay more traditional, you can’t beat the original! This is the Copco Sierra Tumbler available at Belk or Bed, Bath & Beyond. Don’t worry if you’re a guy. It comes in variety of colors: pink, blue, purple, orange and brown. $6.39 at Belk or $7.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond. (I think we can all see what’s the better deal here!)

And speaking of guys (and sports fans)…

Fans Edge has a variety of sports team tumblers! Perhaps your fella (or you!) could use a little surprise this week. Pick one up for $14.99, or you can find a bunch on amazon like this New Orlean Saints (and others) Tumbler for $12.99.

Happy hydration everyone! Keep on sippin.

The only acceptable form of drinking and driving. hahahaha! (given you don’t fill these suckers with alcohol!)