Smile and the World Smiles With You.

After a few weeks of preparation, I surprised my mom with this hanging on the wall yesterday morning. Every awesome mommy deserves a nice surprise every now and then, no??? This is actually quite large! It’s like a 30 x 24 or something like that. And close up… Where it looks tan in the photo,… Read More

Friends: The good, the bad and the ugly truth

Friends. We all have them. We all love them… but sometimes we have to let them go. What I’ve discovered so far in life, is that so often friends can drift out of our lives just as fast as they drift in. One minute someone can be an amazing friend, and the next thing you… Read More

Beach Essentials.. See what’s in my trunk this summer..

As a true Florida girl, the beach isn’t just a vacation destination… it’s my backyard. Ok, not literally… there’s a swamp in my backyard, but that’s beside the point. With any committed beach-goer, there comes along a set of gear that puts us at ease when visiting our local oasis of sun and sand. I’ve… Read More

How to deal with a Negative Nancy

Other than how to properly serve a slab of meatloaf and overcooked chicken livers, Cracker Barrel has somehow taught me a few life lessons. Whether or not I’d like to admit it, being plunged into the world of serving has certainly opened my eyes to the amount of negativity in this world… between grumpy guests… Read More

Coolest. Cast. Ever.

I mentioned briefly that my mom got a cast because she tore her Achilles tendon… but apparently while I was at work tonight her and my sister transformed it into this… And here’s the other side… Does this not look amazing??? My sister is so talented…

Open windows, closed doors and glass ceilings.

Therapy. Everybody needs it. Some people pay for it. Some people do an activity. Some people sing… and some people write. I prefer to do the latter. Maybe because it involves little to no physical activity, or maybe because it just genuinely alleviates emotional weight off of my shoulders. Every so often I feel it’s… Read More

Oh solo MIO. My latest Obsesh.

Maybe you’ve seen the commercials, or maybe you’ve had the guts to try it yourself, but the liquid wonder that is Mio has totally transformed the task of drinking a healthy eight cups of water a day. In case you’ve never heard of it, Mio is a very concentrated liquid that you drip into your… Read More