Open windows, closed doors and glass ceilings.

Therapy. Everybody needs it. Some people pay for it. Some people do an activity. Some people sing… and some people write. I prefer to do the latter. Maybe because it involves little to no physical activity, or maybe because it just genuinely alleviates emotional weight off of my shoulders.

Every so often I feel it’s important to make this web site personal. As much as I pour my heart and soul into my art, most of the time that art is for other people. However, this post is for me. So what have I been up to in the last 7 months? (Can you believe it’s been that long since I updated about my personal life? Who knew I could actually stop talking about myself for seven whole months.)

Well let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start. The last two years since I graduated college have been nothing short of a struggle. A struggle to find piece of mind. A struggle to find a steady, fullfilling job. And a struggle to find serenity in the cruel cruel reality of this ever-changing place they call “the real world.” I’ve said goodbye to best friends who have moved forward in their lives, I’ve ventured to new places, I’ve had eye-opening experiences, and along the way I have undergone as many failures as I have successes.

But I’m here to tell you today, May 4, 2011 (yes I had to look at my Calendar), that with every failure there is success. Looking back, I’ve examined every disappointing moment… from bad break ups, to let-downs in the workplace, to distancing friendships that I’ve dearly missed. Perhaps I’ve had too much time to think, but each experience led to something wonderful eventually. It was hard to see at the time, but because I didn’t get a full-time job right off the bat out of college, I started this business. Because I was stung by past relationships I waited for the right person, and he did eventually come along (or as he argues, was there the whole time). It’s funny how vividly I see karma in action. So I wanted to take a moment to tell you all never to give up on your dreams, no matter how “unreasonable” they may sound. My spirituality has taught me that dreams don’t just pop up in our brains, they’re there for a reason. These dreams are notions that a higher being gives us, not necessarily ones we choose. I wouldn’t choose to be a journalist… or an artist… talk about two very competitive, risky career choices… Why couldn’t I have the passion to be a doctor? Or a nurse? Or a Publix manager? Those are all moderately high paying jobs.. hello. Artist?  Journalist? Really, Jessica? Really? We all have different purposes to serve here and I urge you all to elusively keep on keepin on. Things may not be great at this very moment in time, but positivity can transform your life.. you never know what tomorrow will bring. Ok, stepping off my Oprah soap box now…

So what have I been doing? Oh right… perfecting my swagger. Can I get a hell yeah?

The art business has been fantastic. Just enough orders to keep me busy all the time, but not too many to get me bogged down. Holla. I’ll be working this summer to put together a collection that I’m hoping to take around to art shows in the fall. Right now it’s just a goal, but I’m determined!

As far as the career path is concerned, I just got a promotion. Yeahhhh boiiii. You’re reading the words of the brand, spankin new news editor for the Seminole Chronicle. If there’s one thing I love, it’s gathering news. I love brainstorming new ideas, looking for news and seeing a product come to fruition. My boss and I have a great vision to expand the paper and make it something totally incredible. Right now, it’s ok… but it’s a relatively young product with a lifetime of endless possibilites. I stand by the notion that community news and journalism will stand the test of time. People want to know what’s going on directly around them. They want to know what things will affect their daily lives… and that’s where we come in. I never thought in a million years I’d be in a position like this at 24. I always thought it would take me a solid decade to ever reach editorial status, but here I am. I’m thankful. I’m thrilled.

Oh, and the best news… free at last, free at last, thank God almighty I am free. at. last. SEE YA LATER CRACKER BARREL. (Ok, not completely). I’m still working one or two days a week for extra money, but once I get this collection done I see a very prosperous future that does not include country fried steak, turnip greens and mama’s pancake breakfast. If you want a glass ceiling, venture on into the world of Cracker Barrel… they treat you as though you were born in a cave, raised by inbred Appalachians and then ventured in to find a job with them to complete your life.

I’ve also found myself in the middle of a really cool community-wide campaign to transform the city of Titusville called the Greater Titusville Renaissance. I never knew that my post-kappa days would lead me into true, volunteer grass-roots efforts. But more on that later…

In the personal sector, I am facing new challenges. Do you all realize how difficult it is to date someone in the military? He’ll actually be getting out of the Marines in August of 2012 and moving back here to Florida with me, but in the meantime he’s been throwing around the notion of going back to Afghanistan (by choice, I might add). I understand his reasoning because it is a lot of money, but I don’t value money nearly as much as I value his life. I’m a little torn on the issue, to be honest. It’s hard to be supportive sometimes. This relationship is nothing short of a struggle… I cannot even begin to describe how much disdain I have for long distance, but hopefully time will pass quickly to a more stable life for the two of us. How does anyone successfully pull this off? Oh well, we have too much fun to bother with the serious side of things..

Here were are in one of the squares in Savannah, Georgia. We had a nice little getaway there over New Years.

My family is… my family. For those of you who know us on a personal basis, you know every day is a party.. just sometimes it’s one of those parties you’d rather hear about than actually attend… Mom has a cast on  because she tore her Achilles tendon. She’s had a hard time with the crutches, so her main form of transportation is a rolly chair that used to be in my bedroom when I was in middle school. At least you can hear her coming..

However, this does not mean she hasn’t enjoyed the power carts at Wal-Mart…

In the friend realm, I’d like to throw a big CONGRATULATIONS out there to my key sister, the new Mrs. Katie JOHNSON. She got married in March and looked absolutely stunning!

Here we are at her bridal shower. Isn’t she just glowing???

And the actual wedding. Absolutely gorgeous dress, bride and ceremony!

I also had the opportunity to visit my bif in NYC over my birthday! She’s up there studying at NYU for her masters in counseling. Lord knows she’s been my personal counselor for the past 12 years! Here she is making a mockery of modern art. WOOF! bahahaha. This is why I love her!

As for the future, I’ve got a super fun camping trip planned to Skidaway Island outside of Savannah with some good friends. Can’t wait. Hopefully also going to do some traveling over the summer. I’d like to get to Ohio for the 4th of July (trust me, Ohio knows how to party), but I also have dreams of Mount Rushmore brewing!

Jessica: +1 The mean, nasty world: -7

Happy Wednesday!

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