How to deal with a Negative Nancy

Other than how to properly serve a slab of meatloaf and overcooked chicken livers, Cracker Barrel has somehow taught me a few life lessons. Whether or not I’d like to admit it, being plunged into the world of serving has certainly opened my eyes to the amount of negativity in this world… between grumpy guests and cranky co-workers I’ve seen the run of the mill.

So this here blog is dedicated to all you  debbie downers, cranky cathys and grouchy gus.’

Here are a few life lessons I’ve learned on How to Deal with a Negative Nancy, Pouty Paula or Disgusted DeAngelo:

1) Don’t make eye contact. The second you acknowledge that you care about their negativity is the second they decide it’s ok to let you have it… just. don’t. do. it.

2) Keep a small vile of vodka in your pocket at all times in the case of breaking rule #1. No vodka? Try redbull… you’re going to need the energy to endure the amount of complaining you’re about to encounter.

3) Laugh at anything and everything. This will royally tick them off. Why? Because you are happy. Will it help? Yes, because they will no longer seek you out to whine and complain. Why? Because you are happy.

4) Mimic them behind their back. A little risky… but it will make you feel a whole lot better and give you a good laugh to accompany rule #3. My sister and I have great impressions of “puss face” and “stink face” at work. 7:30 pm on the dot every night and “puss face” is at it again… watch out because that crazy woman will throw salad, frosted mugs, sundaes or whatever she can get her hands on if you cross her…and by “crossing her,” I mean looking at her.

5) Pay them a compliment. Most likely, they will not be receptive, but do it anyway. They’ll eventually come around and apologize for being a jerk. Mark my words.

and the most important thing you can do….

6) Set an example. Be in a good mood despite your circumstances. The only person you can control is yourself and whatever you do, do not let them bring down your mood.

Hip Hip for Happiness? HECK YEAH!