A case of the yawns

Surely I’m not the only person who faces this problem!

(And yes, I’m finally vlogging again)

  • hanna

    k i appreciate this.very much.
    first…never make the awkward yawning face again,it scares me…
    secondly…did u know they say that when u sneeze its 1/8 of an orgasm…
    please review something really random soon.
    im very happy u vlogged,thank u

  • http://aweekfromthursday.wordpress.com heidi

    yawning is your body telling you to get more oxygen. I used to yawn a lot and was never tired. I yawned so much so, that my boss said something about it. Then I started exercising daily and don’t really yawn anymore. But if I go two days without running or something, the yawning picks back up like it was never gone.

    • Tina

      I yawned through your whole vlog.

      Just at the suggestion.