Beach Essentials.. See what’s in my trunk this summer..

As a true Florida girl, the beach isn’t just a vacation destination… it’s my backyard. Ok, not literally… there’s a swamp in my backyard, but that’s beside the point. With any committed beach-goer, there comes along a set of gear that puts us at ease when visiting our local oasis of sun and sand.

I’ve never been one to spend excessive amounts of money on… well anything, but I am committed to a supply of good, hardy beach equipment. Here I’m going to share what I throw in my trunk when going to the beach and how I got it for a reasonable price.

What’s in Jessica’s Trunk on Beach Day

Of course, my trunk won’t close like this.. and I’m usually wearing the clothes (hopefully), but you get where I was trying to go with this.

So let’s take a deeper look….

Pictured above is my hydration station. I love Fiji water ($1.50 on sale), but I also like a little flavor, so I bring my pink tumbler ($5 at Walmart) and Mio water enhancer (Mango Peach, $3.28 Publix) Of course, I gotta stash that stuff somewhere, so I got this nice little insulated cooler-tote type thingy at Target for $2.50. Throw a bow on it and call it a day, right?

Gotta include the threads, right? I tried to take a decent picture, but as you can see, photography is not my strong suit. Above is my Juicy Couture ruffle black bikini ($30 at Marshall’s) accompanied by a whispy little bathing suit sun dress (little girl’s section of target, fits just fine for us shortys, $10) and a cross-body Rio bag from Avon ($10). The bag is perfect because it’s just big enough to fit my cell, my keys and some cash.

Here we have my ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL backpack beach chair, in pink, of course (Marshall’s $30). Yes the chair was a bit pricy compared to the $20 ones at Wal-Mart, but I HAD to have pink. With that is a festive, paisley towel (in all my favorite colors, TJ Maxx $9) and floppy Nine West hat ($15 Marshall’s).

However wrinkly, I have to have a sheet just in case I have guests with me or want to lay on my tummy to get some sun on my back. And duh, gotta have shoes. I thought this pair was too cute. They’re by Hot Gossip (whoever that is…) and were only $12 at Marshall’s.

And last, but certainly not least… the beach bag. I got this beach bag at Target for $3 on clearance, HOLLA! Inside I keep a good book (generally something non-fiction that I can learn from, hence the social media book), sunscreen, a frisbee and SUNSCREEN. Why sunscreen? Because it’s not cool to be a tomato… or get sun cancer.

For all my fellow Florida girls and beach lovers everywhere, good luck packing your beach essentials this year! Do share if you have any products you just can’t live without at the Ocean! Surely, there is always room to expand my collection!