Flashbacks through sound

Is it just me or are there certain songs that just take you back to a very specific place and time? I stumbled upon a basket of old CD’s, mostly burned copies of things my friends were into that I followed suit into liking. Looking for something mellow to turn on, I skipped over my… Read More

Nobody Cares What You Think

I come to you live from a half-barren bedroom complete with empty desk and freshly made glass of chocolate milk… yes, hand mixed, of course. I’ve been MIA, I know it. I hate it. It’s been absolutely stressing me out that I haven’t been updating, but there just hasn’t been a spare second in my… Read More

Inside the vault of my cell phone. More fails…

I admit, I’m a total creep when it comes to taking pictures with my cell phone… if I see something funny, it’s going to be photographed… and I will risk my personal safety to do so. bahahaha. But it came to the point the other day that I needed to clear out some memory on… Read More

Casey Anthony

While I hate to give it even more attention, I have to admit… I’m glued to the Casey Anthony trial. Now… Let me get one thing straight. I have been at odds with the media for the last, I don’t know… 3 years because they have absolutely been obsessive about covering the every move of… Read More