Chapter 3–Into the Cell Phone Vault, once again. Fails.

As I mentioned many, many moons ago, I have this odd knack for capturing moments that are a little “off.” Perhaps it’s the journalist in me, but I feel little to no shame whipping out my camera and going incognito to capture something I find slightly hilarious. I’m sure one day I’ll be arrested or… Read More

Cupcake Kitchen Unveiled!

It’s been a year in the making, but I finally have my OWN place complete with a cupcake kitchen! They say the key to a reader’s heart is through their stomach (ok I just made that up), so I’m divulging you into the sugary glory that is my cupcake kitchen. First and foremost, welcome to… Read More

And the Cupcake Queen steps back on the scene….

I love cupcakes… But not only do I love to eat cupcakes, I love to decorate with them and, most importantly, I love to paint them! For those who haven’t graced me with their presence in my new home yet, I have a ¬†cupcake kitchen completely decked out in sweet treats (both on the walls,… Read More

And the NFL tradition continues…

June 11 marked the 25th year of life my boyfriend has graced his presence with upon this Earth… so in honor of this special day, I made him a very special painting! SPECIAL SPECIAL SPECIAL. Knowing he’s a huge Buccaneers fan, there was no question what I would be making… I wonder if he gets… Read More

Ding Dong the witch is… free? My take.

Again, I hate to give this another minute of attention but let’s face it… the buzz today is the Casey Anthony verdict and I have to say I’m not the least bit surprised. Being as I’m the most valid source in all of Southeastern America, here’s my take on it. Casey listened to far too… Read More

Oopsie! More paintings I forgot to post!

My name is Jessica, and I have been absolutely swamped lately. BUT here are the last two paintings I’ve cranked out in the past two weeks. I’m quite impressed that I’ve gotten ANY paintings done as I’ve spent every spare millisecond of my time either moving, or working to make money to move. Gah… where’s… Read More