More paintings completed!

I am absolutely thrilled that I’ve actually had time to do more paintings! Here’s a few that I’ve recently completed: Harley Davidson painting close up and far away. GO BUCKS! Oh BTW– NEW PRINT! Gotta put it on a print board and get to naming!

The Deal is Sealed…

As Facebook and Twitter have cordially announced, the deal is sealed. This past weekend Mr. Andrew Forgino (AKA Fojo/Saposaurous Rex/ Fojones/ Fojohowitz/ Nana) proposed to me and boy was it a wild ride… literally. So here’s your insider scoop on how the entire ordeal went down. I figured it best to share it with my… Read More

Pick an age… and stick to it.

I sat with my 87-year-old grandma in her small apartment in downtown Titusville discussing politics and complaining about the weather when I  noticed a sign she had on her wall. It read: The secret to staying young is to pick an age and stick to it. I said to Mim (my grandma), “So that’s the… Read More

Post Breakup: The photos

Breakups blow. No doubt about that. But as two people drift apart and into a better place, regret can often become a factor. I’m no expert, I’ve made too many of my own mistakes to ever make such a claim, but regretting anything can only make for foul feelings of the past and a cynical… Read More


So let’s discuss how sad it is that I haven’t been posting? Let’s all cry in unison… Since I started my job as an editor my life has been wild. Literally wild. I work seven days a week and I think my feet are about to go on strike and demand a pay raise. Lucky… Read More