Missed Opportunities and Lessons Learned

Being an editor at 24 is a privilege that I thank God for every day…. well almost every day… ok… only when I remember… BUT… I’m still thankful and I’m here to tell you… …It isn’t all coming up roses. Being in a position that *must* understand delegation in order to succeed, I have witnessed unprecedented amounts… Read More


So out of the woodwork pops a new style of music… a style I cannot seem to wrap my head around– Dubstep. While I haven’t bothered to Google the origins or even really educate myself on this new trend, Pandora has done itself justice giving me a pretty good sampling. What I’ve derived? I can’t… Read More

Fall TV Lineup: What and What Not to Watch

The other night while conversing over “discussion starters” from our marriage handbook, the Feeyance and I came across the question “Would you prefer to watch tv or read a book?” While the journalist side of me instantaneously felt obliged to say read a book… the reality was that I much prefer to watch a good… Read More

Changes, Facebook and Food for Thought

Today I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing the new Facebook… but better yet… I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing the 400 status updates about how much everyone hates it. While this is to be expected, as it happens just about every time Facebook makes a change, I find it quite revealing. I think Facebook changing… Read More

Falling for Fall

It may be just a glimmer. Just a tiny hint of light at the end of this horrible, heated Florida tunnel. Perhaps just a smidgen of hope in the distance… but a hint of Fall is in the air and I am ecstatic. We all have a favorite season, and being a Floridian, my favorite… Read More