Changes, Facebook and Food for Thought

Today I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing the new Facebook… but better yet… I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing the 400 status updates about how much everyone hates it. While this is to be expected, as it happens just about every time Facebook makes a change, I find it quite revealing.

I think Facebook changing shows something interesting about the human race and our inability to accept change, but eventually adapt. While I can’t sit here and say I am too keen on the new design, I also wasn’t keen on becoming a grown-up, switching my eating habits to lose weight or moving away from my family… change can really suck.

However, as time goes by change becomes reality.. and when we are faced with reality it’s easier to accept. While I too miss the good old days when Facebook was only for college students and the idea of a status update was but a twinkle in Mark Zuckerberg’s eye… I can see where some of the changes have done us good.

Here are a few things to think about as Facebook continues to change:

  1. Every good thing must evolve… otherwise it will be phased out. i.e. AOL instant messaging… or AOL in general.
  2. Every good thing must evolve in a direction that is conducive to its users other wise it will also be phased out… i.e. MySpace.
  3. Without changes on Facebook we would not have the same features we know and love today like photo sharing. How many of you depend on Facebook as a source for your personal history? If Facebook were to shut down down hundreds of memories would be lost through photo albums and commenting threads. There was once a day where Facebook only allowed *ONE* profile picture… and that was it.
  4. Businesses wouldn’t be a part of Facebook. Granted, I know some of you hate this.. but it has allowed little nobodies like me the ability to become an entrepreneur. Without Facebook, Jessica Saggio, Inc. would not exist to the capacity that it does today.

Through Facebook changes we’ve seen pages, groups, sharing and much more evolve into something we know and use on the daily. But did we accept these changes at first? No. Through every change I’ve seen Facebook experience there has been much resistance. While I agree that the changes made this week are rather confusing and not quite functioning to the ideals we uphold for our beloved Facebook accounts, this too shall pass…

Change sucks.. and that’s my point. While everyone is complaining today, it just shows vividly how we as humans can’t accept change. Whether it be a change of scenery, habits, friends, law, workplace… it’s not easy. But if there is one thing I have learned through every hurdle in my life it is that change is constant… even if it comes in the form of a silly reformat on our social media.

Just a little food for thought today.

The new Facebook reformat as seen from my account… Do I need to know what Krista Nolin is doing every waking second? No. Not sure how I feel about the new stream in the upper right corner… but I’m trying to keep an open mind. Reminds me a lot of when they had the Facebook “Ticker” for that one week… At least Facebook saw where it failed with that one…

  • J. Everett

    I will see your cluttered obnoxious Facebook, and raise you