Walmart: The demise of my shopping experience.

Walmart, although once a ground-breaking concept, has forever been ruined… and here’s why…

While I have a deep respect for Sam Walton, and the success of the powerful chain, I undoubtably hate with every cell in my body the idea of shopping at Walmart. Yes, it’s a great place to knock out all your shopping at once. Being able to buy oil for your car, christmas toys, produce and underwear all in the same building saves us busy Americans a heaping amount of time in a world where time never stops ticking.

However, Walmart’s demise has happened, and continues to occur, over time. If you go back to Walmart circa 1990 you might find employees stocking shelves and helping customers, all while wearing roller skates gliding them from aisle to aisle. While these times are just a fuzz in my memory, because I was 4 years old, it represents such a different time in what was once a charming hometown chain. I remember a food court with the BEST nachos and cheese and smaller buildings that, while often crowded, were easy to navigate.

Fast forward a few years and Super Walmarts came into the picture. Now instead of a multifaceted department store, you have a one-stop shop that would eventually lower prices enough to become a monopoly on the market. Genius, really.

But something happened in between the first Super Walmart phase and now.

Instead of a place to blissfully do all your shopping, we now must battle the organized chaos of what seems like an ant hill for humans… all battling over the queen that attracts us all– low prices.

BUT…. It’s not Walmart’s model that makes it a horrendous place to shop… it’s its employees… or lack thereof.

Try going to Walmart and finding somebody….anybody… to help you locate a product. Unless you seek someone out extensively, you’re not going to be helped. And when you *do* find someone to help you, they probably won’t be very courteous.

Additionally, for some reason employees at Walmart don’t understand the concept of having “customers.” By saying this I mean that they do not value the customer first. They are there to do their job, skimp by for their $8 an hour and call it a day.

For example, have you ever been to Walmart while they are stocking the shelves? If you need something that they’re stocking GOOD LUCK getting them to move out of your way unless you verbally ask them to do so. I’m sorry, but I as a customer shouldn’t have to ASK YOU to move for me to buy a product. In fact, you should probably try and sell it to me, no?


That’s not how it works.

Today I was at Walmart at 5:30 pm… arguably one of the busiest hours on Thursday evening–considering many people get off work and stop by to pick up a few items on their way home during rush hour. I, coincidentally, just needed to pick up some Christmas lights for my townhouse. While perusing the Christmas section, I discovered that this was the *perfect time* Walmart managers had picked for their employees to stock the top shelves (you know, the really high-up shelves in the garden section where they put the Christmas crap?). Well… me and 15 other people trying to buy Christmas lights had to maneuver our way around some sort of cherry-picker machine that was lifting these employees up to the shelves.

Of course, every time I even got near them doing their job… I saw at least one of them rolling their eyes at me.

As I muttered “Really…I’m never coming back here” under my breath, I had to wonder what sort of stupidity is required to make these sort of decisions. You’re seriously going to stock shelves at 5:30 pm on a busy Thursday during the Christmas season in the CHRISTMAS section? Did we not think this out?

It begs the question of whether or not these decision makers are a bunch of underpaid high school dropouts who kill their braincells every night over a 24 pack of Bud Light.

And on that note… why does it seem to be a requirement that all Walmart personnel have missing teeth, a wandering eye and a disposition that could be mistaken for a mental patient?

I seriously Google image searched “Walmart Employee” and this is the picture I got:

And better yet… is it also a requirement that cashiers seem put out every time you go through their line?

“Sorry… *looks at name tag*.. Becky…I didn’t realize bagging my groceries would make you want to stab my face who those dagger eyes you’re giving me.”

OH.. and one more thing… don’t ever go to Walmart past midnight.

3 reasons:

1) Aforementioned shelf stocking is at an all-time high. EVERY aisle will be cluttered with employees who WON’T MOVE.

2) Every register is closed in the joint, but one… maybe two if you’re lucky…. so prepare to wait in line for at least 10 minutes.. Again, utilizing resources to a tee. I was waiting in line one night with items I needed to ship a package early the next day, and sat waiting in a line of 20+ people. This awesome guy in front of me went to another register and said, “Don’t worry guys… I’m going to open this one up.” Everyone made such a fuss laughing at him that they finally opened another register.

3) The guy who waxes the floor… nope… he doesn’t care if he circles around you… or if you’re on the phone. He’s going to wax righhhttt on by you… maybe even over your feet. Free shoe shining?

And that, my friends, is why I hate Walmart… and give ALMOST ALL my business to Target and Publix. Yes. I spent $75 on groceries today at Publix compared to the $55 or $60 I would have spent at Walmart, but sometimes I just don’t mind paying to go where “shopping [really is] a pleasure.”

  • Tina

    The roller skaters were FUN unless of course they came from around a corner and you were in the way! WHOA! Also, they actually did have sales on stuff – not just tags that LOOK like a clearance but were actually mark-ups!

  • Morgan

    The roller skaters were FUN unless of course they came from around a corner and you were in the way! WHOA! Also, they actually did have sales on stuff – not just tags that LOOK like a clearance but were actually mark-ups!