Ahhh the Christmas rush is over

While Christmas is one of my very favorite times of the year, I spent much of it painting… which is ok by me! Thank you all for your patronage. Here are some of the cool little ditties that were commissioned and wrapped up beneath the tree this year. I hope everyone like their paintings! It brings me such joy to know that my work is brightening up someone’s home.

8 x 10 commission. Personality print for little Laney!

Up close

Commission to match a bedspread. Florida-lis design 24 x 24.

Up close on the print. I redesigned it to pop out with color.

The whole shebang.

Commission. Original damask deisgn. Navy and white.

Up close.

Commision with potpourazzi inside a C. A lot of C names this year! Black backgrounds are a personal favorite of mine.

My own personal Vanna White modeling this 20 x 20 painting. Yet another perk to having a fiance.

More good news! Got a fancy schmancy camera so future photos will be MUCH BETTER quality. Hooray!

Now back to work! The commission list is still active even post-Christmas. Back to the drawing board…. literally. Oh man, I should get an award for that pun.

  • Ashley

    Such great work Jess!