Our first big purchase

Last Saturday was a day just short of complete chaos. It was last Saturday that Fojo and I made our very first *big* purchase as a married couple… of course, from two separate states. While being a long-distance couple sometimes makes me want to gouge my own eyeballs out full-blown oedipus style, I think we… Read More

Move over shakespeare, my life is not a tragedy

Perhaps I should make Monday morning blogging a tradition. Generally, on Mondays I write my articles for the newspaper, and as my high school journalism teacher always said– The best way to get rid of writers block is to write. Seems hopeless, but it works like a charm. Today I want to venture into the… Read More

R.A.K.’in it up

This post I have not one but TWO Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) to share! Yipee! This week, I sent a card and a Starbucks giftcard to one of my writers who just went through an oral surgery. She’s recovering, and hopefully she’ll be able to drink coffee soon… and when she does, the first… Read More

The art of acceptance

I think one of the hardest things about being a 20-something is the idea of acceptance. While that sounds like step 10 in an Alcoholic Anonymous meeting, it’s a peace of mind I find rather hard to achieve completely sober. As we progress in our lives, it seems everyone follows their own paths. Some move far away,… Read More

Grammar speaks louder than words

Ok. I admit it. As my sister as blatantly pointed out in the above picture she posted on my Facebook today– I “yam [the] grammor ferri.” I am the D-bag who goes on Facebook and blatantly corrects people’s grammar. I am the Hitler of commas and commonly misspelled words. The Mussolini of run-on sentences and… Read More

This week’s R.A.K.

Meet Khloe-Bo. This is my niece. She loves “appies.” She not only loves to eat appies, but she like to roll them all over the floor, picking up as much dirt, dog hair, dog food (her favorite), mulch, flammable materials, crumbs, dust and fecal matter … and THEN eating it. It’ just her thing. This… Read More

New year, new promises

Ok. So I will openly admit… I absolutely failed at last year’s New Year’s resolution to create a new print every month. While I did create quite a few prints, I did not create anywhere near 12 nor did I do them on a monthly basis. That, my friends, is what I call… forgetting I… Read More

A year in review: 2011

For the first time ever, my newspaper decided it would start a new tradition: The Seminole Chronicle year in review. It’s a great way to highlight the biggest and most influential stories of the year and also to remind people what they’ve been through, witnessed, participated in… etc. etc. But as I sat compiling this… Read More