Come on get happy

For the love of God be happy. I’m fed up. I’m fed up with people who create their own misery. We all go through tough times. And no, I’m not talking about cancer or family troubles or even divorce or things of that nature. Those kind of things DEMAND emotion. I’m talking about bad days… Read More

Moving on up

Other than visiting the DMV and sitting in Orlando traffic (which I do every day), I cannot think of any process more frustrating and tedious than the act of moving… So guess what I did this weekend guys! Because I obviously love torturing myself, I decided to move…. again! Yes, it was only eight or… Read More

The venue!

After stumbling upon a few other wedding blogs… I just realized I have hardly updated about my wedding plans. Granted… I kinda sorta hate wedding planning because I can’t make my mind up about ANYTHING… ever (especially colors). But, there is one thing that is set in stone and it is our venue! Back in… Read More

25 25 25 25 25 25 25

So I am continuing the tradition this year… while it may be a day late, there is no better way to celebrate another year of existence than by reflecting on the things that make me laugh! Last year I was absolutely pumped about being 24. It was my year of¬†congruency. 24 is a friendly number…. Read More

The Circle of Life. Caution: Depressing

When I was little, I can remember having very vivid dreams. Dreams, specifically, about losing my grandmother (whom we call “Mim”–no, absolutely nothing to do with the hillbilly town in Brevard County). I can remember waking up in the night in full-blown tears and so relieved to discover it was only dream. I’ve always had… Read More