My new signature

The trend these days is to have a catchy exiting signature. You know what I mean….   xoxo, Gossip Girl   Warmest regards, Business professional name here   With respect, Business professional who makes more money that aforementioned business professional   And that’s how the cookie crumbles, Bruce Almighty   You stay classy San Diego,… Read More

Dreams and Aspirations… or lack there of

This photo really has nothing to do with anything you’re about to read. This may come out sounding extremely self-inflated or somewhat preposterous (ooh nice word!), but I’ve begun to reevaluate my “dreams.” While I may not be rich and famous, I’ve pretty much completed all the goals I set out for in my pre-college… Read More

The Daddy Saga Part I: Bright House Networks

I’ve decided that you all need to be acquainted with my dad: Joseph “JoeJoe” Saggio. My dad, in a nutshell, is Italian. Very Italian. So Italian you can hear him yelling Republican remarks at the TV from at least two miles away. Some would call him passionate, others are slightly scared, but I just find him funny. Hilarious,… Read More

Going gluten free

I will admit. I fall for a good diet craze when I see one. Like a lovesick girl in a Disney teen movie circa Hillary Duff era, I fall for the first charming thing that comes along and seems promising. Just about any fad that may insinuate a chance at a flat belly or flabby-less… Read More

Country must be country wide

It’s not that I live in the sticks. It’s not that I live in Florida… or even the South. I don’t drive a truck. I don’t really drink beer. I don’t have a blue-collar job (anymore). I have all my teeth and I don’t live on a farm… …But I love country music. Sometimes people… Read More