Product to live by: Apple Mango Tango

I will admit that I do put off laundry day to the very last pair of clean underwear… Which also means it goes without saying that I’m also totally OK with wearing a pair of jeans a few times before I throw it in the wash. And when it comes to the sheets… well they… Read More

Things I want in no particular order

*A wrap-around porch so I can be one of those old ladies who sits on it all day and yells at the neighbors when they forget to close their garage door. Keeping the community safe since 1987. *A Jacuzzi. No other explanation needed other than public Jacuzzis are about the hygienic equivalent of a maximum… Read More

Gluten free update

Going gluten-free… ahh where shall I begin. It was a great decision, but so it turns out going gluten free is a one way road—you absolutely cannot go  back. I have not eaten wheat for three weeks now…and for a girl with Italian genes, that, my friends, is an accomplishment that deserves some sort of… Read More

Why I don’t live in Orlando

See all those little triangles? Those are sexual predators… yikes.   Opposed to where I live in Titusville… Yeah, we got ‘em too… but not THAT bad. (note: I had to turn off the incidents here (crimes like thefts, assault etc.)  because there were so many that you couldn’t see the sexual predator triangles. oy.)

Indian River Festival: What you missed…

Saturday night I made the mistake of going to the Indian River Festival at Sand Point Park in Titusville. I love Titusville, but the Indian River Festival is not the best representation of Titusville. First of all, it’s named after a river full of toxic waste… which pretty much explains the people who go to… Read More

The Daddy Saga Part II: Outback Steakhouse

Without fail, my dad presents timeless entertainment and he doesn’t even know it. Let’s begin today’s Daddy tale with this premise: Recently, my mom and sister, Wendy, watched a 20/20 report on the truth behind what waiters do to your food when they hate you. They both were *shocked.* To be honest, I don’t know… Read More

App obsessed: VOXER

One of my biggest pet peeves of all time (and yes, I am also guilty of committing my own pet peeve) is texting and driving. If you have a touch-screen phone, there is no way you can safely navigate a vehicle and also text a message to your boyfriend what you want for dinner. There… Read More