Looking back on high school and ahead to the future

Last night I found myself perusing through some old high school yearbooks. As I flipped through page after page of hazy memories, I reflected on what a truly wonderful time I had in high school. I was so involved, so passionate, so motivated and so blessed. I had a big group of friends with personalities… Read More

Why newspapers are better than you think

Ya know… the newspaper business gets a lot of flack. Ya, we get it. Old people like us a lot. Young people don’t read us because they’re too busy in FCAT remediation. But newspapers rock. And by newspapers… I mean the tangible piece of limp paper you get out of a box out in public–… Read More

Things my mother lied to me about

Things my mother lied to me about (condensed) 1) That the signed Michael Jackson photo that was made out to my sister Wendy was real. It was not. My mom signed it. 2) That hydrogen peroxide didn’t sting when you put it on an open wound. “That doesn’t hurt!!! It’s just cold!!” – My mom…. Read More

Painting complete: Dreams do come true!

A good friend of mine recently graduated, valedictorian mind you, after years of dreaming of attending her dream school– NYU. And I am happy to say that I have witnessed her dreams go from distant thoughts to a tangible reality. As a way to show her my congratulations I made her this:     Because no matter… Read More

What do you mean I have to live with a boy?

Ahhhh. The happily ever after. The credits have passed, the Disney VHS tape has popped out of the VCR and here we are…talking like we live in 1993,  living the dream… the dream full of debates over toilet paper, the time I spend playing Scramble on my iPhone and the limit of how much pink… Read More

Michigan painting: a month of self loathing

Let me first preface this by saying I have always been and will always be an Ohio State fan. I was born there. My parents worked there. My sister went there…. and if I could have afforded out-of-state tuition I probably would have been a student there as well. With that being said, I got… Read More