Practice what you post and post what you preach

Social media is a glorious thing. It’s taken the world by storm and as we all hide behind the glow of our computer screens, this infinite world of Facebook, Twitter and online forums call to us… practically begging us… to post. Post away. But as we sit typing away endless opinions trying to “win the… Read More

List of what to do while we’re poor…

Ok, so after realizing that we are borderline completely poor… Foj and I made a list of stuff we can do whilst broke. Here’s what we’ve got so far, please help us add to the list. Btw– anything in a quotation is something he said directly and I refuse to take credit for. List of… Read More

Later on… at 5 p.m.. …

Writing is done and I feel great.   I leave you all with this in celebration.   My sister’s dog, “Bear,” being the Dora the Explorer gangster that he is.

A little warm up…

When it comes to writing, sometimes it feels likes a workout—as in, you dread doing it, but once you’re done you feel great that you did it and accomplished something. Generally, this is pretty much how I feel every single Monday morning when it’s time to buckle down and meet deadline. Typically, I write anywhere… Read More

And here’s what’s up with our wedding…

It’s certainly been awhile, if ever, that I’ve really discussed any wedding planning I’m doing… and I think that’s solely because I do it sporadically and completely off the wall. The wedding is coming along… er… well! Yes, let’s stick with “well.” Not only is it proper English, but it doesn’t imply an over exaggeration… Read More

Oh what fun

Oh what fun. Tuesday, we celebrated the life of my grandmother, Martha West. One of the cool things about my family is that in lieu of a funeral, we host a celebration of life. I really love this as it emphasizes what has been given to us rather than what was lost. We gathered at… Read More

Overwhelming happiness and tremendous sadness

After clicking on my website and realizing that it was June 28th the last time I updated, it was brought even more to my attention what a whirlwind these last few weeks have been … and when I say whirlwind, I really mean category two hurricane. Yes, that’s a more accurate metaphor. In the past… Read More