Dollar Tree find of the century

I have no idea why I made my new year’s resolution to do more random acts of kindness and blog about it. I mean, let’s be real, I’m not really that nice of a person. I don’t enjoy too much eye contact with strangers and I strategically speed up as fast as possible so that… Read More

10 most annoying things to do on Instagram

#Throwback Tuesday. Today, I come to you from the year 2009 circa my Dell laptop that is practically gasping for dear life with every word I type. I literally have no idea how this thing is running right now. It crapped out on me less than two years after I bought it… but apparently it… Read More


OK I get it, blog. I have neglected you. I haven’t been painting very much lately and I’ve let my big girl job and wedding planning take over a majority of my life. However, I finally got it together and completed my latest print. Perhaps an ode to my former Kappa days or just an… Read More

The art of living alone

Certainly, my life is no longer one lived in solitude. But as I pummel through each day surrounded by the company of my fiancé, family and friends I sometimes reflect on the days where my world was shaped by me and me alone. One of the most valuable experiences I’ve had thus far in my… Read More