Ways to avoid political conversations

Surely I’m not the only one out there who was sick of election season before it even began…. like in January I was already scheming of how to leave the country for the months of October and November… that didn’t work out. The signs, the commercials, the interruptions on Pandora– MUST you interrupt my laid… Read More


I will be the first to admit that I am anything but a fashion guru. If it’s not on sale, I probably won’t buy it and if it’s priced higher than I think it’s worth (even if it is on sale), I won’t buy it then either. In other words, I’m a bargain diva in… Read More

Paintings finito!

  Alright already… I get it.. I’ve been too busy wedding planning, leaving very little time for painting. Well well well… My co-worker Ellen kinda sorta forced me to break that trend, and for that I am thankful! She needed a painting done for her baby niece who is getting baptized this month. Weeee Jesus!… Read More

I’m engaged… again! Well, at least my abs are…

“Abs are engaged…. abs are engaged… abs. are. engaged.” That’s her tagline, and if my abs could be anymore “engaged” they’d be married and pregnant by now. For those who I haven’t told yet, I have a personal trainer. Her name is Sandy Bedont, and she is pretty much my saving grace in these vital… Read More

The magical tale of the cake toppers.. pick your favey!

54 days, folks…. 54 more days… Wedding bells are slowly but surely ringing… in my ear… like a migraine… and time is tick tick ticking away. I feel like this final countdown is some form of an extended final¬†Jeopardy¬†where that stupid song is continually playing. And let’s just say I’m wagering a lot of money… Read More