This post brought you in part by …. Mr. Right

So funny story… this post is being brought to you almost 100 percent in part by Mr. Right.. as in Mr. Right my right hand. I named my left hand Claude, but he’s useless today. In essence, I’m literally typing this entire post with one hand… and I have a new appreciation for Captain Hook because we all know the hook arm is useless for anything but maybe  making a kabob without having to buy a stick.

So you may have noticed my posts have been dwindling lately… and Lord knows it’s not because I don’t have anything to say. I have lost feeling in my left arm and part of my left side and I think I have a pinched nerve that’s most likely been triggered by stress.. In short, the world has been getting on my nerves. har har har what a pun. SO PUNNY!

I have an appointment with a chiropractor today at 2… so hopefully I can get this issue in check. I hate to bid you all adieu, but typing with one hand for a length of time is really difficult. I actually have to chicken peck and look at the keys like I’m 90 and from the Great Depression. Bring on the Poligrip and sugar-free hard candies.

Stay tuned.. I promise I will be back. I have a great Q&A sesh to share with you all from my personal trainer AND lots more exciting things to talk about like mom jean shorts and this odd return to early 1990s style I can’t seem to wrap my head around.

But in the mean time I leave you with these photos from inside the vault of my cellphone. I have some odd paparazzi habits…

Awesome typo by yours truly. Yes, I am an editor. Yes, KAPPA was the sorority I was in. Yes, ridiculous. Yes, cute baby. Moving on.

Speaking of cute baby… For some reason she felt the need to pop off the top of one of those mini m n’ ms containers.. which by the way, is really hard for a 2-year-old as seen above. Her face… I love it.

I really hope they weren’t planning on filling up that Gatorade cooler after they use it as a fuel tank. Oh Brevard county…

EW rooms!!!!! Gotta love abbreviations that backfire.

Gots ta get paid son… and apparently to do that,  The Hoff is now the iced coffee symbol for Cumberland Farms? Iced Hoffee? Genius.

Sweet back hair, bro. I bet you’re warm.. like all year round.

Bridal ads are the best. If you buy this dress it comes with a free bouquet to shove in your face.

Last but not least.. the man I’m marrying in 2 weeks… He said something about traveling to Narnia.


BYE.  Mr. Right is retiring.