Walking in a winter garbage caaaaan

So Fojo and I decided a few weeks ago to go garage saling in honor of …well.. a huge community garage sale going on in our neighborhood that we couldn’t really avoid. Either way, we took the opportunity to peruse our neighbor’s garbage and see if there was anything worth bartering over. After all, I scored Fojo… Read More


While sometimes I think it’s rather hard to be patriotic… you know, with all the political hatred and the lack of pride so many of us have in our nation… the holiday season is a time that really opens my eyes to how incredible this country is. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still skeptical. I… Read More

Wedding Chapter 2– Oh-So-Beautiful Titusville

Just because the cosmetics of Titusville aren’t quite what they used to be, back when NASA actually employed people and space shuttles actually took off from across our river, doesn’t mean we aren’t still freakin beautiful people… unless you go into Walmart or Winn Dixie… in no way can I explain the mutants who frequent… Read More

Wedding Chapter 1– My new BFF Merle

Ahhhh. Breathe in. Breathe out. The wedding is over and it went FABULOUSLY. Everything went as planned and I am still on cloud nine. Knowing that there is no way in the world I can document this entire event in one blog post, I’m breaking it down into chapters. So chapter one, what better way… Read More

The Bachelorette Party… EXPOSED.

Oh little bloggy blog. I have missed you. Hurricane Wedding has swept me off my feet and I am slowly floating back to reality as the big day approaches. Three days, folks. THREE days. Actually, make that TWO days… it’s after midnight now.  I wish you all could see my to-do list. It’s literally never… Read More