Another year, another life lesson … (or 6)

This is in no means a blog dedicated to my new years resolutions. In fact, the more I document my resolutions, oddly, the less likely I am to actually do them.  That so goes against anything I’ve ever been taught. Trust me, no one can hold a hot-headed, italian girl accountable. I do what I… Read More

Wedding chapter 4– Master Planner

I know I know. I brought back the wedding chapters a bit later than I should have. Yes, it’s been a solid month and a half. Shut up. It’s fine. Who’s counting. The next, and rather important, topic of this long, wind-filled wedding epilogue is my wedding planner. They say anyone can have an idea,… Read More

A real Vegas Revue

Now in transit back to my sunny home state, I come to you all via $5 internet… yes, I sprung for it this go around…my inner grandma coin purse is going wild right now. GEFILTE FISH! With my nauseated hubs to my left… sipping ginger ale like a poor orphan child… I am crammed into… Read More

Honeymooning– In transit. Vegas or bust.

I am so cheap. In lieu of paying for internet on this flight to Las Vegas, I come to you via word document. Because my old, grandmother self won’t pay the reasonable $5 for in-flight WiFi, I come to you the old-fashion way– copy/paste when I get to the hotel. It’s weird because I feel… Read More

Worst Christmas songs of all time

So I know Christmas is the season of happiness and joy and what have you and that’s all well and fantastic… but I have a bone to pick with the season of holly jolly and Dominic the Italian Christmas Donkey… First of all, who is Dominic the Donkey and why is he not only Italian,… Read More