Inspiring stories from an inspiring town

Of all the things about Titusville that I know and love, there has to be one common denominator among them all — the people. Surely it’s not just me who notices how friendly this town is. Sure, there are total jerks around… wouldn’t be a party without the party pooper, now would it? But I’m… Read More

This. Because there ARE good places to eat in Titusville

Of all the complaints circulating about Titusville, there is one that seems to supersede them all – our lack of dining options. People in this town see that we only have a few chains – Sonny’s, Cracker Barrel, Durango’s etc. If you’re a fan of places like Olive Garden, Chili’s or Applebee’s just go ahead… Read More

Restoring some faith in Titusville

It’s no secret that Titusville’s got a bad rap these days. When we aren’t making the news for ridiculous crimes, government cutbacks and overall stupidity in how we handle our economic downturn, we’re being labeled as a boring, ghost town that has nothing to offer. In a place that once used to be the capital… Read More