Words are like tattoos

So today is rather busy to be honest with you. I’ve got work piled up and I’m pretty sure my eyes are bloodshot from staring at this computer screen, but I feel compelled to take a break from all that for just a minute right now. For some reason, I feel the need to make… Read More

The story behind Cupcakes on Main

It didn’t take much to convince me to pay a visit to Cupcakes on Main. I mean… beyond my general obsession with cupcakes and serious addiction to sugar, I was at the very least just curious… that and… my general obsession with cupcakes and serious addiction to sugar… As I walked through the door, I… Read More

The big change

Ahhh, so it appears I’ve reached that point and time in my life where I’m going through the big change. Fortunately for me, this particular change doesn’t include hot flashes and┬átemperamental mood swings. No, no, no. Believe me, I’ve had those since birth. This change is big, but it’s GOOD. So good, I don’t feel… Read More

Brief interruption- new paintings!

So I have been rather submerged in this whole Titusville series, but I have to make a brief interruption to go back to why I have this website in the first place– my art! Just this weekend I finished these two little ditties:   My brother-in-law (Brian) and sister-in-law (Lindsey) decided to gift each other… Read More